Yanis Varoufakis: What You Should Know About Greece’s Present State of Affairs – An Update

Ok, forse bisognerebbe stare un po’ più cauti con questo nuovo culto della personalità emergente attorno a Varoufakis.
Ma avremmo mai pensato di vedere un ministro delle finanze che dice “no ma guardate che il mio paese sta andando molto peggio di quello che dicono”?
En passanti, il blog della Greek Left Review mi pare molto interessante. Se non altro perchè principalmente pubblica materiali di compagni greci. Invece di materiali sulla Grecia scritti da gente che fino all’altro ieri era tanto se conosceva la salsa tzatziki.

Greek Left Review

Posted at Nakedcapitalism.com on March 2, 2014 by Lambert Strether
By Yanis Varoufakis, professor of economics at the University of Athens. Cross posted from his blog

“It takes a passionate disregard for the truth to suggest that Greece is recovering.” That was my verdict last December upon being asked to comment on Greece’s rumoured recovery. Almost three months later, it is time for an update. The gist of today’s update is depressingly simple: Still, no sign of Greek-covery whatsoever. Indeed, every single indicator (including the ones that are presented as evidence of light at the tunnel’s end) points in a sadly negative direction…

Below I round up the official data (extracted from the Bank of Greece and Greece’s National Statistical Office reports), up to December 2013, with some glimpses into January 2014. I begin with the real economy (GDP, investment, employment etc.), then discuss the money market (money…

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